Chabaso Bakery Artisan Breads Ciabatta Olive Oil

Chabaso Bakery® Artisan Breads Ciabatta Olive Oil. Topped with extra virgin olive oil & sprinkled with salt. All natural. No preservatives. Net Wt 16 oz (1 lb) 454 g. Our handcrafted breads are hearth-baked in European ovens is to old world traditions. Wholesome ingredients are mixed into dough using the age-old techniques of artisan bakers. Long fermentation times develop flavors and textures to perfection. Special ovens ensure great, thin crusts, chewy, moist interior; and authentic flavors. Ciabatta with Olive Oil is crusty, chewy, traditional ciabatta topped with extra virgin olive oil & sprinkled with salt. Family owned since 1981. Please try all of our artisan breads: Ciabattas. Baguettes. Rolls. Loaves. Stix™. Eat your vegetables. Take the stairs. Fresh bread every day. Recyclable. Visit: