J. Skinner Seasonal Selections Merry Cranberry Danish

J. Skinner® Seasonal Selections Merry Cranberry Danish™. Limited Edition Modern artisan baking. Made with real fruit filling. Heating instructions on side panel. Net Wt 14 Oz (397g). Green palm sustainability. Make the holidays even jollier with this sweetly captivating combination of delicious cranberries, cinnamon and over 100 layers of authentic Danish dough. Devoted to delicious. We think you'll agree that authentic Danish crafted with over 100 layers of delicious moist dough, made with real fruit not fruit jelly, and baked in the European tradition, is a whole lot better than others who rush the process and skimp on ingredients and care. We won't compromise because we are committed to thrilling you and your tastebuds. Thank you for purchasing this J. Skinner Bakery product. We'd love to hear from you. Stop by our website and drop us a line at skinnerbaking.com. If you're not completely satisfied with this product, please don't hesitate to contact us at 800-358-7428. Produced with genetic engineering.