Calavo Avocado Halves 2 Ct

Fresh & ripe. New. 100% hass avocado. Gluten free. Trans fat free. All natural. 100% hass avocado halves. Fresh, ripe and ready to eat. Perfect for slicing and dicing. Easily add avocado to your sandwiches, soups and salads. Healthy addition to every meal, every day! Calavo Hass Avocado Halves are hand peeled, cut and sealed in individual air tight pouches. Using ultra high pressure technology we extend the shelf life of the avocados without preservatives. Convenient and ready to eat when you need them. Note: Avocados are similar to bananas and apples, they will slowly turn brown when exposed to air. Discard any open, unused portion. If frozen after purchasing, thaw in refrigerator. Please recycle. Find us online at Facebook. Twitter. The fresh avocado halves inside have been carefully sealed to protect the quality and taste. Now you can always have fresh avocados anytime you need them. Avocados are one of natures healthier fruits so you know you're just not eating fresh, you're eating healthy. Fresh ingredients. All natural. No gluten. No trans fat. Fruits & veggies more matter. Product of Mexico.