Catelli Italian Bistro Beef Meatballs

Old world beef meatballs with a hint of traditional spices. Serves 4. Premium quality. We've taken the mystery out of fine dining. Catelli Italian Bistro Beef Meatballs are a restaurant-quality main course you can prepare in minutes. Made from the finest beef and perfectly seasoned to ensure a gourmet eating experience. Buon appetito! US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Meat is 100% beef. Fully cooked. Just heat & serve. Catelli Italian Bistro beef meatballs are made from a traditional recipe using only choice cuts to ensure superior flavor. As an appetizer, a main course or in a sandwich, your dishes will impress. Create perfect appetizers and truly memorable sandwiches with a flavor unmatched. Your only limit is your imagination. Add our meatballs to your favorite sauce and pasta. Fresh salads, steamed seasonal vegetables and Italian bread are excellent accompaniments to this hearty, traditional entree. Buon appetito! The Catelli family, meat specialists for over 50 years, invites you to try our entire line of Italian Bistro entrees. All of our select Entrees were created exclusively for us by America's leading culinary experts. Discover the reason the Catelli name is synonymous with excellence. Product of USA.