China Bowl Mustard Sauce, Extra Hot

China Bowl's ready-to-use Mustard Sauce provides a hotness that strikes the back of the throat while imparting a delicate, a sweet and sour flavor. Made without synthetic additives, such as artificial colors, chemical flavors, preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers often used in commercial blends, this natural Mustard Sauce is good for both Chinese cookery and western dishes. Mustard Sauce is one of the most widely used table condiments in Chinese cuisine, almost always being available at meals in small saucers in company with hoisin sauce and sweet & sour sauce as a dip for barbecued spareribs, roast pork, cold meats, poultry, steamed dumplings and other dim sum fare. It's also used as a seasoning for many stir fried and red-cooked (braised) foods.