Chobani Yogurt, Greek, Non Fat, Strawberry, Blended 32 Oz

Fill your fridge with tubs of your favorite Chobani Greek Yogurt flavors. Triple strained thick and creamy Chobani Greek Yogurt offers something for everyone. Enjoy it as a delicious snack on its own or as a base for breakfast bowls, smoothies and yogurt parfaits. Use it as a healthy substitution in cooking and baking recipes such as dips, marinades, baked goods and more. Made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, no artificial flavors or preservatives and packed with protein, Chobani Greek Yogurt adds endless goodness to your day in endless ways. Non-fat greek yogurt. No artificial flavors. No gluten. 0% milk fat. Billions of probiotics. 9 essential amino acids. Protein rich. No GMO Ingredients. Only natural ingredients. Authentically crafted. No face fruit. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives. No rBST (Milk from rBST-treated cows is not significantly different). Grade A.