Pepperidge Farm® Frozen Mozzarella Garlic Bread 11.750 Oz

Mouth-watering garlic bread is just moments away! It all starts with amazing bread (and our Pepperidge Farm bakers know bread!), topped with great flavors from premium ingredients like mozzarella, garlic and parsley. Pop it in the oven and in about 9 minutes, you'll have delicious garlic bread with a golden crust on the outside, soft inside, and the aroma of delicious garlicy and cheesy fresh bread goodness filling the room. Convenience and freshly baked from your oven taste come together for a perfect meal solution for your family. For Pepperidge Farm, baking is more than a job. It's a real passion. Each day, our bakers take the time to make every cookie, pastry, cracker, and loaf of bread the best way they know how - by using carefully selected, quality ingredients.