Poland Spring Brand 100% Natural Spring Water, 16.9 Ounce Plastic Bottles (Pack Of 12)

POLAND SPRING Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has been a local favorite in the Northeast for generations. Sourced from carefully selected springs in Maine since 1845, POLAND SPRING spring water contains naturally occurring minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste. So when you're looking for a trusted source of hydration for any occasion, choose POLAND SPRING. Be Assured. Our water's original quality and natural blend of minerals are sealed in the bottle so you can enjoy its clean, crisp taste and natural spring goodness. 16.9-ounce/.5-Liter plastic bottle: easy to take along in a purse or backpack 12-Pack stores easily in refrigerator, available for everyday hydration needs 100% natural spring water; zero calories, no sweeteners and no artificial colors or flavors Contains naturally balanced minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste Every bottle is 100% recyclable (excluding label and cap)