Jj Nissen New England Frankfurt Rolls

Sliced Enriched. Bread has been called the staff of life since ancient times. Now, nutritionists confirm our ancestors' wisdom, recommended that bread and rolls, as part of the grain based foods group, supply the foundation of a well balanced, healthy diet. Since 1899 when John J. Nissen established his first bakery in Portland, Maine we have been committed to his high quality standards for all our fresh baked goods. Made only with the finest grains and ingredients provided by nature, Nissen white bread and rolls provide a good supply of complex carbohydrates and many other important nutrients. And, they are naturally low in fat and cholesterol. So make Nissen a part of your daily diet - a delicious and convenient way to get the benefits of grain based foods according to the food guide pyramid. The Food Guide Pyramid (based on the U.S. Dietary Guide for Americans) is a general guide that lets you find a healthy way of eating that is right for you. As part of a well balanced diet, the Food Guide Pyramid recommends 6-11 servings of bread and other grain based foods daily.