When Pigs Fly New York Ry

All natural. Baked fresh daily. What's in a name - When I was little, we would make daily trips to our local bakery. The wonderful aroma of fresh bread would make my mouth water. We always get a loaf of rye to bring home, and a loaf of cinnamon raisin to eat on the ride home. Being a chef by trade and living in Maine, where we had no fresh bread. I decided to pursue my passion. I only needed to persuade may doubting friends and family that starting a bakery was a good idea. It was difficult and scary to break out of my daily work routing to pursue a dream that had unknown outcome: The name When Pigs Fly means: I doubt it's possible and that's why it was the perfect name for my bakery. - Ron Siegel. www.sendbread.com. This bag is environment friendly made from totally degradable EPI additives.