Diamond Crystal Ice Melter 8.25 Lb

Veterinarian preferred formula. Significantly less irritating than chloride based ice melters. Free of salt and chloride. Less irritating to pets paws. Melts to 5 degrees F, -15 degrees C. Easy-to-see application. Need help selecting an ice melter? www.SelectAMelt.com. Melts ice down to: 5 degrees F/-15 degrees C. Chloride free. Diamond Crystal Sno-Paws pet-friendly ice melter is specially formulated to keep you and your pet safer. It is designed to melt ice at the same low temperature as salt while having none of the harsh chlorides that can irritate your pet's paws. Its green tint allows you to easily see the granules to make applying even easier. For more information, including a MSDS, visit us at: www.sno-paws.com. Consumer uses this product at his/her own risk. For MSDS, stain test results and other information, consult the FAQ section at www.diamondcrystalsalt.com, or contact us at 1-800-425-4244. www.cargillsalt.com. Packaged in the USA with ingredients from the USA and China.