Diamond Crystal Winter Melt Rock Salt/Halite

Economical & effective ice melter & ice cream salt. Works to: 5 degrees F (-15 degrees C). Fast acting ice melter and ice cream salt. High capacity ice melter. Helps provide instant traction on snow and ice. Natural mineral. Blend of large and small melting crystals for optimal melting action. Notice: Diamond Crystal Winter Melt ice melter may be used to remove snow and ice from concrete sidewalks, parking lots and asphalt surfaces. However, all ice melting agents work by reducing the freezing point of water. This may result in more frequent freeze-thaw cycling of the melted snow and ice, which can cause surface scaling of concrete. As such, use only on properly placed, cured and sealed, air-entrained concrete. To lessen the possibility of freeze-thaw cycling and potential damage, promptly remove slush as it is formed. Do not use porous or improperly cured concrete, concrete less than one year old, precast concrete items, masonry, mortar, wood or other porous materials. As with any ice melting agent, particular care should be used when grass and vegetation are adjacent to the deicing surface as excess application may cause damage. Consumer uses this product at his/her own risk.