Bachman Jax Puffed Curls, Real Cheddar Cheese

Bachman® Jax® Real Cheddar Cheese Puffed Curls. Classic quality since 1884. Enjoy! Slow baked...Tastes great. 0g trans fat. Cheese flavored corn snacks. Guaranteed fresh. Bachman quality (since 1884) our guarantee. Family owned and operated, Bachman has a long tradition of creating the highest quality snack foods. Our bakers use only the finest ingredients and our products are always fully guaranteed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please return the empty package to the Bachman Company, P.O. Box 15053, Reading, PA 19612-5053, Attn: quality assurance, and we will send you a replacement coupon. Include the name of the store where purchase and reason for dissatisfaction. We welcome your comments and suggestions, enjoy! Scott R. Carpenter, President. This package is sold by weight. Some settling of the product may occur during shipment. Keep in a cool dry place away from light. No two puffed curls in the Jax family are exactly alike! Each cheese curl is individually puffed and shaped, and then slow baked in our exclusive ovens - finally, it's coated with real cheddar cheese to give it that unique Jax flavor and texture. Some have more curl and some have more flair but all are equally delicious because the have that unique Bachman Jax flavor! No two are exactly alike. Enjoy! ©TBCMMXII.