Harvest Club Russet Potatoes 5 Lb Bag

Harvest club U.S. no 1 russet potatoes are ideal for: baking, mashing or frying. Americans love potatoes mashed, roasted, or baked. And rightly so, as the potato is a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with fiber and essential vitamins and minerals: medium-sized, 5.3 oz. Potato has 110 calories; 100% fat free food; zero saturated fat, naturally; zero grams trans fat; no cholesterol; naturally sodium free; good source of potassium; excellent source of vitamin c (45% of the daily value); provides vitamin b6. 100% satisfaction or your money back. 0G cholesterol, 0g fat, 45% D.V. vitamin C. Quality guarantee; light & fluffy when cooked. Recipe for russet baked potato.