Josephs Mini Pita Snacks

6 g protein per serving. 80 calories. Good Omega-3. Source. Contains 312 mg of omega-3 ALA per serving which is 19% of the 1.6 g DV for ALA. Counting Carbs? Remember to subtract the fiber! 11 g total carbs - 3 g dietary fiber = 8 g net carbs (Net carbs can be entered into a food tracking calculator or app). Free From: artificial colors; artificial sweeteners; trans fats. Great for dipping. Joseph's flax, oat bran &whole wheat breads use natural ingredients that are free from artificial preservatives, colors and sweeteners - and include no trans fats. For three generations, Joseph's has been proudly baking family recipes developed by our founder, Joseph Boghos. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our fresh take on tradition! Fresh. Authentic. Healthy.