Centerville Pie Co. Shepherd's Pie

Handcrafted. Bake & serve! One taste and you're home. One bite of our Shepherd's Pie and it's easy to taste all the ingredients that have made this dish a family favorite for generations. Whipped mashed potatoes, con and ground beet. We mix in our secret seasonings and bake it all into a mouth-watering flaky crust. We think you'll also notice all the care, tradition, pride-and yes, love-is in every mouthful. About The Centerville Pie Company. Countless family memories are made on Cape Cod. What better home for the Centerville Pie Company? From the start, Kristin Broadley and Laurie Bowen have been baking sweet and savory pies just like Grandma's. We are honored to bring this little bit of Cape Cod into your home and onto your table. Look for other Centerville Pie Co. products in your freezer section! Women owned.