Orgran Pizza Pstry Mix Gf

Pizza base in 5 minutes just add water. Gluten free. Wheat free. Dairy free. Egg free. Yeast free. Soy free. Nut free. Vegan & natural. No added cane sugar. The trusted name since 1953. With a shared passion for pizza and the expertise of the true piazzaolos of Naples, Orgran brings to you an Italian style pizza mix for perfect pizza creations. Orgran pizza & pastry mix is a convenient and versatile mix that is naturally wheat free & gluten free, so get out the rolling pin and oven bake delicious authentic style Italian pizza with your favourite toppings. This product enables you to make gluten free pizza and can also be used to make scones and pastry for delicious jam tarts, pies and quiches. Orgran is a world leader and trusted name in natural gluten free nutrition and foods for well being. You can be safe in the knowledge that no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives have been added to this product. Orgran: Leading gluten free natural foods. The trusted name in natural nutrition and foods for well being. Gluten free food should not be a compromise alternative but a natural way to fulfilling dietary requirements. Food needs to be pure in ingredients and production and free from potential allergens. It should be of natural composition and have adequate nutritional value to promote and regenerate better health and dietary balance. Orgran is the pioneer producer of natural foods and specifically utilizes wholesome natural alternative grain nutrition to assist with dietary requirements for optimum digestive health and well being. More than 80 natural products. The trusted name in more than 50 countries. Allergen Free International (AFI) certification no. A61010910: Gluten free; wheat free; dairy free; milk/latte free; egg & animal derivative free. Produced in Australia from selected local and imported ingredients.