Oxi Clean™ Triple Action Booster Rinse Aid 7 Fl. Oz. Bottle

67 loads (When used in rinse agent dispenser only, based on average dispenser release in leading dishwashers). Used as rinse-aid. 1. Cleaning booster. 2. Rinse-aid. 3. Dishwasher cleaner. Crystal clear. Glasses & dishes! Tired of cloudy film, spots and food particles left on your glasses? Tired of pre-washing? Trust the power of OxiClean for a crystak clean shine! 1. Cleaning Booster: For those extra tough jobs, or if you have hard water leaving heavy film and spots, add two squirts into the bottom of dishwasher every wash. 2. Rinse-Aid: For a crystal clean shine every time, ensure your rinse-aid dispenser is filled with OxiClean triple action booster (refill about once a month or as needed). 3. Dishwasher Cleaner: Keep your dishwasher looking like new inside by eliminating hard water and limescale buildup. Once a month fill main dispenser cup with OxiClean triple action booster and close dispenser door. Then add two squirts (approximately 30 ml) to the bottom of dishwasher and run dishwasher empty. Safe for septic tanks. Contains no phosphate. Satisfaction guaranteed! Questions? Ingredient? Call 1-800-781-7529 mon-fri 9 am-5 pm ET or visit churchdwight.com. Made in the USA. Made with US and foreighn ingredients.