Sergeants Zoink! Fetch 'N Flash Ball

70 hours of flashing fun. Flashes on impact. It floats. This ball floats! Great for water activities. Bounce 'em, catch 'em, fetch 'em, roll 'em & throw 'em. The possibilities for play are endless with Zoink! dog toys. Zoink! Fetch 'N Flash Ball is a motion activated toy that will amuse your dog. Our ball will blink for 20 seconds on impact so your dog can play with it day or night. For the active dog, try this product with our ball thrower. It holds two of your dog's favorite Zoink! balls. Watch the balls Zoink! around the yard, in the house or at the park. Get up, get active and have fun with your dog. Please remember to choose appropriately sized toys for your pet. We care about your pet. Made in China.