Smart Bal Milk 1%

As rich and creamy as 2% milk. With omega-3 & vitamin E. 15% more calcium. 15% more protein (than whole milk). Rich creamy flavor. Heart healthy. Grade A fat free milk with omega-3 and vitamins A, D, & E. Ultra pasteurized/homogenized. Smart Balance - where great taste meets good health. At Smart Balance, our vision is to nurture healthy hearts with great-tasting food that's good for you. We're committed to spreading the word about heart-healthy living and helping you enjoy a smart and delicious diet. This milk is part of our larger Smart Balance Food Plan, a recipe for good living that includes foods with a better balance of fats designed to help improve your ratio of good to bad cholesterol (the right balance of fats may improve cholesterol ratio when at least two-thirds of fat intake comes from our Food Plan. Total fat intake should be limited to 30% of calories (65 g/day), saturated fat to 10% (20 g/day), dietary cholesterol to under 300 mg per day, and trans fatty acids reduced by avoiding foods with partially hydrogenated oil. Regular exercise is essential. Help balance your fat intake with the Smart Balance Food Plan). Quick Facts: 0% saturated fat, low cholesterol; excellent source of EPA/DHA Omegao-3s support heart health; absorption enhanced vitamin E, an essential antioxidant, helps maintain a healthy heart; real milk fortified with essential nutrients; no hormones added, no antibiotics (Smart Balance, Inc. uses milk produced from cows not treated with rBST or Beta-Lactam antibiotics. The FDA has found no significant difference from milk derived from rBST treated cows and those not treated). Smart Balance 1% Low Fat milk. 2% milk taste with a whole lot of health benefits. Smart Balance starts with real milk delivered directly from dairy farmers. We remove the lactose and then add more of the natural calcium and protein already found in milk to create a rich, creamy taste. Finally, we put in heart-healthy Omega-3s and vitamin E. The result? A super-nutritious lactose-free fat free (source of fat: added Omega-3) milk that has the rich, delicious flavor of 2% plus 15% more calcium and 15% more protein. So now you don't have to choose between the full, creamy taste of 2% milk and the health benefits of fat-free. With Smart Balance Lactose-Fee-Fat-Free milk with Omega-3s and vitamin E you get it all - a great-tasting milk that's also great for your health. Product of USA.