Spinbrush Pro Whiten Refill, Soft Bristles, Includes 2 Replacement Heads For Battery Powered Toothbrushes

Be selfie-ready with Spinbrush PRO WHITEN products; these dual-action brush heads deliver whiter teeth in one week! This soft bristled brush head is ADA Accepted and proven to help reduce plaque and help prevent gingivitis. Spinbrush PRO WHITEN replacement heads are compatible with any Spinbrush power toothbrush handle. Color-Wear bristles fade with use to help remind you when it's time to replace. Spinbrush battery-powered automatic toothbrushes and brush heads are Dentist Recommended, Not Tested on Animals, and Made Without BPA Plastics. The new, easy-to-open carton is recyclable and the tray inside (plastic #1) is made with recycled materials. Look for our wide selection of electric tooth brushes, including the electric toothbrush for braces. Spin your way to a brighter smile!