Tre Semmé Shampoo Climate Protection, 28 Oz

When the forecast calls for frizz, shield your hair with TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo, our unique climate-controlling formula that gently cleanses and fights frizz to help you take on the day, whatever the weather. Whether it's wind, rain, or unmanageable humidity, the elements can be your hair’s worst enemy—because nothing feels worse than watching the style you just put together frizz out of control. Our TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo & Conditioner system delivers effective weather protection and hair repair that not only keeps hair smooth and hydrated, but also under your control. Formulated with our unique Climate Control Complex, TRESemmé Climate Protection hydrating shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes your tresses while protecting against static and humidity for frizz control and a boost of shine. Step 1: Coat hair with a liberal amount of TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo. Step 2: Gently massage the scalp and roots with fingertips to work into a lather. Step 3: Lightly squeeze the shampoo from your roots to your ends and rinse thoroughly. Step 4: Follow with TRESemmé Climate Protection Conditioner. Step 5: Finish with TRESemmé Climate Protection Mousse for added humidity resistance and seal your style in all day with TRESemmé Climate Protection Finishing Spray. Our gentle, anti frizz TRESemmé Climate Protection Shampoo cleanses and moisturizes your hair, while protecting against humidity.