Yup! Cookies N' Creamiest 2% Reduced Fat Bottle, 14 Fl Oz

We are driven by a simple belief: we can always make the world better. Proper nourishment allows us all to grow and thrive. At fairlife, we provide the health and vitality people need by starting with the wholesome simplicity of real cow’s milk. Raise your hand if you love cookies! Yeah, us too. So we have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to love our latest flavor, fairlife YUP! Cookies N’ Creamiest single-serve ultra-filtered milk, even more. It’s the perfect combination of buttery cookie flavor, dark chocolate fudge, and a hint of frosting. Add that to the smooth & creamy taste of fairlife ultra-filtered milk, and you’ve officially taken flavor to the next level! Okay, you can put your hands down now. fairlife YUP! is a line of boldly flavored, ultra-filtered milk. It takes our ultra-filtered, lactose-free fairlife milk and drenches it in flavor for an indulgent sweet fix. So, sip, drink and chug as you enjoy our delicious on the go, flavored ultra-filtered milk, wherever and whenever you want!